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Item Image ( picture may not reflect actual size of item ) Quantity             Price (without deliver/shipping/handling)           ( in USD $ ) Delivery Charge       (covers pickup of item, packing of items, clearing of items and delivery of items to your doorstep in USA)- ITEMS delivered within 7 business days or less of ordering            
Sniper DDVP Insecticide (small bottle) snipper-b 100 per case 250 $4.50/pound
Nylon Sponge nylonnet 12 per bundle 24 $4.50/pound
Alabukun Powder alabukun 10  in each pack 27.50 $4.50/pound
Epiderm Cream (500g) V7P710EEpiderm_Creme_30G 10 in each pack 21.00  $4.50/pound
Tura Soap TURA_SOAP 6  in each pack 10.50 $4.50/pound
Swedish Bitters swedish-bitters 12 per case 140.00 $4.50/pound
Movate Cream movate__33796.1375115292.1280.1280 12  in each pack 22.00 $4.50/pound
Maggi Star Extra maggi star-700x700 107 pieces inside a pack. 20 packs in a box 52.00 $4.50/pound
Knorr Chicken Cubes knorr chicken 50 pieces inside a pack. 16 packs in a box. 49.00 $4.50/pound
Fashion Fair Cream FASHION_FAIR_CREAM 12  in each pack 23.00 $4.50/pound
Maggi Star (Chicken Flavor) 176 Maggi Chicken Cubes 60 pieces inside a pack. 24 packs in a box. 87.50 $4.50/pound
Apenicillin Capsules(250mg) Ampicillin-Capsule-Health-and-Beauty-For-sale-at-Lagos  12 in each pack 31.00 $4.50/pound
Ducros Curry Powder 25g 12 in each case 62.50 $4.50/pound
Ducros Dried Thyme 12 in each case 62.50 $4.50/pound
Lion Curry Powder 25g lions-curry 12 in each case 60.00  $4.50/pound
Lion Dried Thyme 10g 12 in each case 60.00 $4.50/pound
Ofada Rice (1kg) rhize ofada 1 57.50 $4.50/pound
Amoxicillin 500 mg 12 in each pack 51.00  $4.50/pound
De rica 210g 48 in each case 91.50  $4.50/pound
De rica 400g 24 in each case 60.00 $4.50/pound
Milo 1kg milo 1kg-500x500 12 in each case 52.00 $4.50/pound
Milo 400/500g milo 400g-500x500 12 in each case  52.00  $4.50/pound
Indomie Chicken indomie chicken flavor-500x500 40 in each case  56.25 $4.50/pound
Indomie Onion Chicken indomie onion chicken flavor-500x500 40 in each case 57.50 $4.50/pound
Indomie Pepper Chicken 40 in each case 60.75 $4.50/pound
Cerelac Maize 1kg CERELAC MY 1ST MAIZE 1KG-500x500 6 in each case  92.50 $4.50/pound
Cerelac Maize 400g 6 in each case  52.00  $4.50/pound
Bournvita 900g 12 in each case  42.50  $4.50/pound
Bournvita 500g 12 in each case  57.00 $4.50/pound
Wisdom smokers tooth brush (white color) wisdomsmokers_white 12 in each case 17.50 $4.50/pound
Wisdom smokers tooth brush (Orange color) wisdomsmokers_orange  12 in each case  17.50 $4.50/pound
Fufu Stick fufustick 1 2.00 $4.50/pound
Fair and White LOTION – so white only “maxi tone” 12 in each case 81.00  $4.50/pound
St Louis sugar cubes 500g st loius sugar cubes  10  in each pack 23.00 $4.50/pound
Nestcafe Classic 400/500g 12 in each case 78.00 $4.50/pound
Dermovate Cream  Dermovate_Cream 12 in a pack  26.00  $4.50/pound

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